Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm afraid I've neglected the blog...between painting most days and the breakdown of my computer in which I lost everything, this hasn't been attended to as I would like.
I've had to find and reload all of my programs, and re- photograph all of my work. (Not yet completed, if ever.)
So, here is some of what I've been doing lately:
Here are a couple of drawings of Packham with a Magic pencil, one with regular 4B graphite. I was inspired by the fabulous Antonio Lopez Garcia exhibit at the MFA.
approx. 8"x10''

Here is my latest finished oil painting...boy, painting that bread took some doing. The knife my daughter brought back from Israel, and the antique breadboard I got in England years ago.

Oil on canvas

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Marie-Dom said...

Oh my....sigh of pure envy and pure enjoyment. Envy of your talent, and sheer enjoyment of your skills. These drawings are fantastic, so delicate and sensitive and the oil painting of the bread is just awesome. Fantastic work. I'm so glad I've found your blog.