Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here's my latest painting, almost finished..I need to paint in the roots and always a few things I keep noticing.
I wanted to play the purple reds off the cadmium reds and madders. This has been the most frustrating painting to date..I've had to replace the beets and radishes almost every day because they wilt in about 5 minutes and change color immediately as soon as they dry off. And if I keep them in water, they smell. I always figured vegetables make cheap models, but for what I spent on these, I could have hired a figure model....

The colors did not photograph true..the painting has much richer, deeper reds with the radishes' blueish rose madder showing up quite well in contrast. Here, the radishes don't stand out.


Tanya's Irish Art said...

Ellen, your still lives are so fab!!! Totally amazing! Your put so many objects in and achieve such detail! Wonderful work!

Marie-Dom said...

For all the problems you came across, the result is fantastic. Beautiful work.